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THE Eastern Townships

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since 1976

For more than 40 years, Les Entreprises Laliberté have been dedicated to providing high quality services. We are specialised in the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. Our expertise includes plumbing, heating, medical gas, natural gas, and industrial processes. With a team of experienced workers and specialists we have ensure the success of more than 2000 projects, big and small. We are committed to collaborating with our partners in order to achieve their goals.

From design to delivery, our turnkey approach provides healthy project management. You can count on the close collaboration of all our workforce. Les Entreprises Laliberté is a family owned business that will work with you towards success.

Laliberté: building mechanicals at your service.


Plumbing systems designed and installed with a performance and durability vision.


Heating systems: water, gas, infrared, radiant floor, and more. With quality and long-term energy performance in mind.

Medical Gas

Gas distribution systems that satisfy the specific requirements of medical facilities.

Natural Gas

Natural gas technology, including heating and industrial processes, that meets the industry’s quality and security standards.